3 Card Poker Review

3 Card Poker Game

3 card poker game is a fast paced version of 5 card poker. Also known as tri card poker, the game offers a lot of fun for any poker player, no matter whether he is a beginner or an experienced one. 3 card poker can be played simultaneously or separately. The pair plus gameplay allows you to challenge to get a hand equivalent to a pair or better than the pair to win. The Ante 3 card poker game lets you play against the dealer. You need to start playing by betting the ante.

Rules to Play 3 Card Poker

52 cards are used to play this game at a table at which the cards are dealt and bets placed. In Ante game, three cards are dealt to each player and three cards to the dealer. The game offers you the freedom to view the three cards and then decide whether to make a play bet or fold and lose the ante bet. The outcome of a Pair Plus bet depends solely on the three cards dealt to the player. If you do not hold a pair or better, you will lose.

Odds and Payouts for 3 Card Poker

As there are two types of bets (Ante and Pair plus) in 3 card poker, two payout schedules will be there for each table. There will be regular and bonus payouts for the Ante 3 card poker game. The payout amount will be determined by the value in your hand. If you have higher value, you can get higher payouts. Straight flush is the strong hand in 3 card poker game, in which the 3 cards dealt are straight of one suit. Three of a kind is the second strongest hand. Straight, flush, pair and high card are the next highest ranks in 3 card poker.

Strategies for 3 Card Poker

3 card poker is a game of joy. It requires you to make decisions, but it is not too difficult. There are various approaches for 3 card poker strategies that help improve your game. If you choose Pair plus game, you need to choose how much to wager. This depends on the level of your involvement in the game. The payouts and rules will be listed by each table. It is important to read and understand them thoroughly. Ante play game requires a strategy to follow. You need to consider two factors- whether the dealer would qualify and if he qualifies, whether your hand can beat the dealer, to make a right decision.

3 Card Poker at Reputable Casinos

Reputed casinos allow you to play 3 card poker for free. You just need to click on “Play for free” and start playing instantly. The free online version of the game lets you practice and learn the poker strategies. You can start playing for real money, once you get enough confidence. The best offers 24/7 support via email, phone, live chat and Skype. They follow a fair gaming policy. They protect the players from online fraud by using the most advanced fraud management system. You can enjoy the real fun and thrill of 3 card poker at reputed casinos.

You can play the 3 card poker in the following casinos:

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