Texas Hold em Aim

One of the most popular and interesting variations of the poker game played at some of the major tournaments such as the WPT or World Poker Tour and the WSOP or World Series of Poker is Texas hold em. This variation of the game is offered by most of the big poker online sites.

Texas Hold em Aim

The ultimate goal of playing Texas hold em poker is to use three community cards and two hole cards dealt to make the best five poker card hand.

How to Play Texas Hold em Poker Game

Between two and ten players can play the Texas hold em poker game. Each of the players is dealt with two cards face down by the dealer. These are called the hole cards. The dealer then deals five community cards. These cards are placed on the table. During the course of a Texas hold em game, five rounds of betting goes on including the flop, pre-flop, the river and the turn.

Before any cards are dealt with, Texas hold em game is started off with a pre-flop bet. This consists of the small blind and the big blind. Pre-flop bets ensure that even if all players fold with only one of them remaining, he or she will have access to some money in the pot. Each player is dealt with two hole cards after the pre-flop bets are placed. Decision on whether to match the bet, increase the bet or fold is then taken by the players in turn.

The next step is the Flop wherein one card is burnt by the dealer. The card is placed on the side and flop or the first three community cards are dealt. Taking turns, the players then decide to fold, raise or call.

The Turn is when another card is dealt by the dealer. This is the next step in the Texas hold em poker game. This step is followed by dealing of the Fourth Street or the fourth community card. The next round of folding, raising or calling goes on in turn among players.

River is the last round of the Texas hold em poker game. The last, fifth community card is dealt by the dealer. This card is also referred to as the Fifth Street. This offers players a last chance to fold, raise or call. The entire pot is taken by the player if there is only one left in the game.

Showdown is how a Texas hold em game ends. If the river round does not result in the emergence of a winner, cards are shown in turn by players who remain in the game. During the showdown, players again have a chance to fold. Winner is one who has the highest poker hand. Winner is determined through comparison of highest poker cards if no one has a poker hand.

Pot limit, no limit and free limit are some of the popular variations of Texas hold em poker game.