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Welcome to our Strike it Lucky online casino review, where we will take a look at all the ins and outs, and pros and cons of this online casino.  We have all you need to know about Strike it Lucky online casino in this handy online casino review.  We will look at this casino’s startup and withdrawal process, and customer support.

Geting Started

It is quite simple to get started with Strike it Lucky online casino.  What you need first of all, is a flash compatible computer.  All of Strike it Lucky online casino’s games are of the flash nature.

Strike it Lucky online casino believes in giving their players what they want when they want it, which means you never have to wait for another lengthy installation process ever again.  To play with this online casino, simply click on their website, click on the games button, and start playing!

Strike it Lucky online casinoYou can play Strike it Lucky online casino’s games on just about any old computer, but you will probably have a better time if your computer isn’t too old.  For Flash to function at its optimum state, we recommend that you play Strike it Lucky Online Casino’s games on a Pentium computer with at least thirty megabytes of memory, and an internet program, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Strike it Lucky Casino The Withdrawal Process

It can’t be easier to withdraw your winnings from Strike it Lucky online casino.  It’s plain to see that this online casino has put a lot of thought into making their withdrawal process as easy and as user friend as possible.

Novice players should note that you do not have to withdraw your winnings every time you play.  It is better option to let it pile up a bit, and to do a monthly withdrawal.  You will be paying fees on every deposit and withdrawal that you make, which means doing these transactions too often will mean you will get less of your money out.  Your winnings will stay in to your account until you are either ready to play again or to make a withdrawal.

There will also be some terms and conditions applicable for when you want to make that withdrawal.  For instance, you have to had accumulated at least fifty dollars in your account before you can make a withdrawal and you need a balance of two hundred dollars before you can request a DBT / WIRE or courier check.

Strike it Lucky Casino Customer Support

Strike it Lucky online casino knows that the best way to ensure clients always coming back for more is to not skimp on the customer services department.  They therefore offer you several ways to make contact with real human customer service reps, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

The best way to discover what Strike it Lucky online casino is all about is to try it out for yourself.  It comes highly recommended.

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