Bath Shaks Shoes Attract Attention 3 Years After Divorce

Ex-husband claims the poker pro has a hidden treasure in the shoe closet

The new light has been cast on the divorce between the Attractive poker pro Beth Shak and well-to-do New York hedge fund manager Daniel Shak after the alleged discovery of 1,200 pairs of designer shoes in her shoe closet, New York Post reports.

Three years after the divorce, the former husband says that the shoe treasure belonging to his poker-pro ex-wife may entitle him to new hundreds of thousands of dollars after their initial divorce settlement.

ldquo;Im shaking my head over this whole thing. He is saying he didnt know the closet in our master bedroom existed,rdquo; she told the daily.

The newspaper reports that she loves shoes so much that she wears a tattoo of Christian Louboutin stiletto. Beth, for her part, denies hiding her famous and expensive shoe collection.

Daniel Shak, a poker player himself, remains resolute and expects a Philadelphian court to perform accounting of her shoes, which as per his assessment amounts to around $1 million, in order to claim 35% of the reported value.

The New York Post adds that in a last years interview she said her collection includes 700 pairs of shoes by the designer Christian Louboutin. ldquo;To me, his shoes are like fine art,rdquo; she told The Post last year.

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