Bump Technology Enabled by Zynga Poker App

New peer-to-peer mode added

Social gaming giant Zynga recently made a new addition to its Zynga Poker Android application – a new NFC peer-to-peer mode, which allows users with NFC enabled devices to set up a bidirectional connection between each other’s device, so they can exchange contacts and bluetooth pairing functions amongst many others.

It also allows users to invite friends to play poker at the same table, and in its statement on the enhancement, Zynga added: quot;Imagine experiencing the world’s largest free-to-play online poker game with friends and neighbors simply by bumping your smartphone or tablet together. Sounds like sci-fi, right?

quot;Here’s how it works: while you’re sitting at a table, place your Android Beam enabled device against your friend’s Android Beam enabled phone or tablet and touch the screen to send them the invite. As long as your friend’s phone is unlocked, they will be able to join your table and can choose to sit and play, or watch.quot;

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