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As you advance thorough the skill sets and learn the basics of playing Texas holdem, well you may want to go on with enhancing your style and include some of the higher level of poker strategies; holdem bluffing techniques is one of them. The most important factor when using a bluff in any holdem tournament is to make sure that you do it at the right time, for the right reason and with the right price. It would be a great blow on your poker chip stack if you fail to follow the best poker strategy when bluffing.

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Timing is very crucial in no limit holdem poker, most especially in online poker tournaments. You need to carry out your bluff in a very careful manner so as to prevent you from losing the game and quickly be known as a bluffer. Take into account that a bluff will be effective especially when you have the right position in no limit Texas holdem poker and this usually when you are the one to act last. If in case the board is blank, let’s say with no draws and the action is checked to you then this is a very good time to bluff, but you have to make sure that your opponent in the hand are not inclined to trap. Thus, it is also a good idea to know your opponents, if he is known to be a trapper or check raiser, its better to wait to make your move.

Bluffing for the right reason is also very significant in winning the game. Whether you are playing in an online poker tournament or live poker game, you have to be certain that the reason you are bluffing is because you are sure that your opponent will fold.

Indeed, holdem poker is all about getting the right price. You have to think twice about bluffing if it’s the right time to move especially if its going to put too much of your chips at risk.

Holdem bluffing techniques should be planned carefully; it should be used with care in order to protect your image and of course your poker chip stacks. Knowing a little bit of information about your opponents will also greatly help in bluffing.

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