How to Win Online Poker Tournaments

To the new player, online poker tournaments can be very disappointing affairs. After having spent a few hours consistently bleeding chips, most online poker players are hungry for a win. If you fall into this category, take heart. We have compiled some of the best online poker strategies into this article to show you just how to win online poker tournaments.


Tip 1- Don’t give up

The Lottery Commission used to have an advertising slogan that said something along the lines of “You can’t win if you don’t play” and that slogan was not a bluff. If you give up because you are losing a few hands, then online poker is probably not your game. A caveat emptor here: This doesn’t mean to play beyond your means. If you are betting real money and losing consistently, by all means, run away from the table fast and spend that money on some good books regarding poker systems. Then come back and win the online poker tournament next time.

Tip 2- Start Small

This tip actually ties into the caveat emptor of Tip 1. New players who want to learn how to win online poker tournaments should start small, preferably in a realm where no real money is actually at risk. There are literally hundreds of game rooms to play online poker with fake money so why risk real money on a learning experience? Go waste a few million in fake money learning how to read peoples tells and control your own emotions as you play. It will make you a better player when the stakes are higher down the road.

Tip 3- Baby Steps

Okay, now we are rolling. We stuck it out as we lost our first ten million in fake money and smiled the whole time as we raked it back in ten fold in the fake money online poker tournament. Now we want to whet our teeth on something a little more risky. Start out with little steps and play the low risk games for as little as a few cents per hand. That way, if you let your new found skills go to your head, you won’t lose your shirt. Take it slow and work your way up to winning online poker tournaments for bigger money.

Tip 4- Practice, Learn, Practice

Read up on your game. Find articles discussing strategies, systems and tips on how to win online poker tournaments. Put those tips into practice and learn what works for you. Then modify them to your personal needs and practice some more. When you consistently win in small tournaments, then you are ready to move up to the bigger tables. When you do, keep learning. The game of online poker is in a constant state of evolution as new players enter the game and bring their own strategies and systems, as well as individual quirks and tells. Pay attention to what is going on around you and modify your style to keep up with the changes.

Tip 5- Repeat

Yes, you have made it this far because you were willing to take the time to learn how to win online poker tournaments. If you notice that your skills are starting to backslide, don’t fret over it. Everyone has a cold spell once in a while. Just go back to the first tip and don’t give up.

You can learn how to win online poker tournaments by applying yourself and recognizing the trends that exist in the game and its players. By doing so you can improve your ability to play the game and insure your future winning streaks.


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