Lock Poker Players Criticise Deposit Glitches

Not interacting with players means exacerbating a situation

Lock Poker and possibly the Revolution Poker Network players are angrily reporting that their deposits are leaving their online accounts but are not being reflected in their poker credit balances which makes them assume there is something wrong with the companies’ financial systems .

Lock or Revolution management is making an already bad situation worse by lack of communication with players: they have not explained what is happening nor has anything been done to sort the problems out.

In the absence of interaction and in order to wake the management up, a growing number of disenchanted players are calling for a boycott even suggesting a Twitter campaign.

Common ground of crisis management is to communicate and reassure but it is obvious that Lock management has yet to learn that lesson, especially if bearing in mind similar financial glitches when Revolution first launched after Cake Poker was merged with Lock Poker.

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