Online Poker Remote Control Vs Mouse

These online poker remote controls are sure stirring up a storm, even as I write there are online poker forums where the folks are ranting and raving about these online poker remote controls. If you were to visit some of these forums you would be amazed at how many online poker players are opposed to this gadget. They all seem to echo the same sentiment “what can these online poker remote controls do that your regular computer mouse cannot do”. Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of this online poker remote control as opposed to your regular computer mouse.

First off, it’s wireless which gives you mobility so you don’t have to be sitting directly in front of your computer monitor. That’s a good point, but then again if one were to have a wireless mouse wouldn’t he be able to benefit from this same freedom of movement. Keep in mind if you go wireless on either of these you’re going to have to replace the batteries in them at some point.

Also, you would have to have a very large monitor to see what’s happening on the screen from a distance, or else your eyesight would have to be better than average. So far the mouse is still in the lead, no reason to run out and purchase one of those gadgets as yet.

Right, so let’s see, oh yes, it is capable of controlling all movement on the table, that’s fine, but don’t you already use your mouse to control all the movements on the table. You know deal, hold and all the other stuff. The mouse is still in the game, no reason to throw it out in the garbage as yet. Not to mention the mouse can be used to control all the other movement on your computer, can the poker remote claim that? I don’t think so.

What else can this online poker remote control do, well it can be used to play online poker tournaments. That’s nice but I am sure your mouse is quite capable of doing the same. Ok so far the mouse is ahead.

Now for the one thing that this online poker remote control is capable of that in all fairness I must mention. It is said to reduce wrist pain caused by continuous use of the mouse. All right then give jack his jacket, this is one point in favor of the online poker remote control. And okay maybe if you were to want to get up and make a sandwich in the kitchen and had someone looking at the screen telling you what was going on you might make use of the poker remote in this case, but surely it is not reason enough for you to get rid of your mouse and give yourself the added expense of going out and purchasing one of these online poker remote controls. Certainly the sensible response would be a resounding no, that poor little mouse has certain stood tall to the test, and will continue to do so for a very long time to come. Yeah the mouse stays!

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