Poker Tournament Strategy Makeover

With so many television shows these days focusing on some kind of makeover – be it clothing, housing, career or whatever else, it may be time to take the same lesson and apply a makeover to your online poker tournament strategy.

Why would you want to do this? Well you may be one of the following predicaments that demands analysis of your overall strategy. Your ROI for tournament play has always been in the negative. You tend to tilt out of tournaments even the times when you have built a big stack. You have never reached a final table. You rarely make it past the first hour of play.


If some of these issues have been going over in your head after getting eliminated from a tournament, especially if they occur frequently, then you just might be primed for a poker tournament strategy makeover. First of all don’t feel bad that you are losing. No sense in getting yourself down about it. You should actually feel quite good about yourself that you are concerned enough to be recognizing a problem and considering some sort of redirection. Usually a good poker book can go a long way in getting your mind straight but I find, overall that the one thing that can get you back to solid play, is simply playing book tight poker.


Tournament poker is often about giving action to get action but that really only applies, at least successfully to higher buy-in events. If you play online, some of the best ROI tournaments happen regularly, even hourly in the $2, $5 and $10 entry fee tournaments.


This is where a tight-aggressive playing style will reap the most benefits as there are many willing opponents that will offer up their stack playing top pair, middle pair, or even draws with their whole stack in the wrong stage of a tournament. Sit and wait. Play tight. The monkeys will come to you and get your game back on track. Furthermore, decisions are so much easier when you know you are going into a hand ahead of your opponent, and that will lead to your poker tournament strategy makeover.

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