Trickett Beaten Up Few Hours after the Big Tournament

British poker pro tweeted about his disappointment

Only several hours after the completion of the Big One for One Drop tournament where British poker pro Sam Trickett won a $10.11 million second placing prize, he fell victim to a group of six men who beat him and spat on his girlfriend.

In an unprovoked assault which ended up in the players bewilderment and disappointment, Trickett was attacked whilst leaving a Las Vegas club after celebrating the big success with his long-time girlfriend Natasha Sandhu.

In an apparently motiveless beating, six men left the young poker pro bruised and bleeding, and treated his distressed girlfriend in the most ungentlemanly manner.

After the unpleasant encounter, Tricket tweeted: ‘Was having a great day until 6 guys did this to me. Seriously WTF? Couldn’t be more angry #cowards.’ He added: ‘Is this what happens if ur successful? literally beat the shit out of me and spat in @NatashaSandhu face all over nothing…It wasn’t a mugging or anything, just over nothing, sam is fine..gonna spend some quality time together now.’

Tricketts tweet about the assault immediately got a lot of attention with the story rapidly spreading via internet and mainstream media.

The Daily Mail also reported on Trickett’s tweet including also a photograph of the pro’s facial injuries and reminding that the assault occurred only a few hours after the completion of the Big One For One Tournament won by Antonio Esfandiari.

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