UK Soldier Sets New Record for Poker Endurance After 120 Hours and 20 Minutes

After 120 hours and 20 minutes of playing poker in a Manchester casino, Barry Denson of the UK has set a new record for poker endurance. In 2010, Phil Laak set the record of just over 5 hours and former soldier Denson smashed it. Much like the record holder before him, he experienced hallucinations.

ldquo;I expected to experience side effects. Phil Laak spoke after his record of experiencing visual hallucinations but my effect was slightly different in that I experienced aural hallucination. At one stage I was sure that I could hear small children laughing and playing around the slots, which were quite close to the table,rdquo; said Denson.

The training Denson underwent as a soldier for the military may have contributed to his success in this test of poker endurance.

ldquo;I prepared for the heat by gradually shortening my sleep over the period of five weeks until I was running on less than three hours sleep a night and this did help tremendouslyrdquo;, he said.

During the endurance test, the player may take one 5 minute break per hour. If not used, the time can accumulate. A Tweet from Denson said: ldquo;96hrs down and 19 to go. should coast it!rdquo;

Denson made his goal and raised pound;1,000 for a selected charity.

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