Update: Federal Online Poker Legalisation Slowly Advancing

Individual efforts of some US states bring results

The United States online poker legalization process is primarily led by individual states, where Nevada, New Jersey and recently Delaware have made the biggest progress ahead of the Californian Senator Rod Wrights initiative marred by self-interested conflicts.

Currently, minimum six other states are working on implementing the concept primarily related to internet betting on state lotteries.

No approval has been issued for the Texas Representative Joe Barton’s HR2366 proposal to federally legalize online poker, nor to the measure HR 1174 introduced by Rep. John Campbell of California in an attempt to legalize internet gambling more generally.

There seems to be little increase in the number of Congressional co-sponsors signing up for either bill, comprising around 30 co-sponsors each, GoTrack reports.

quot;Its time to stop the stalling and legalise online gaming,quot; Reno Gazette-Journal pointed in an editorial focusing on a growing pressure for legalization from individual states and asked Congress why it is ignoring the reqeusts of the states looking to gain a foothold in the advanced online gambling industry.

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