Ways To Prepare For An Online Poker Tournament

The online poker world has blazed the way for even beginner poker players to make it into tournaments.  In 2003, Chris Moneymaker made history by being the first player to win a spot in the World Series of Poker by competing, and winning, in an online tournament.  Many internet poker rooms encourage beginner players to enter tournaments by offering low buy-ins and tournaments without entry fees.

But whether you are an experienced pro, or new to the online poker tournament event, is it important to prepare if you want to win.  When playing in an online poker room tournament, be prepared to sit in one place at the computer for many hours with very few breaks.  Keep a cushion on hand to place in the seat whether for added lumber support, or added orthopedic support.  If you plan to play in many online tournaments, it is a good idea to invest in a comfortable desk chair that offers lots of orthopedic support to help maintain posture and reduce strain on the body’s pressure points.

It is also important to reduce strain on the bladder.  Many people claim that drinking a lot of coffee is the way to make it through an online poker tournament.  But coffee is a diuretic, meaning it causes the bladder to need relief.  Caffeinated sodas are also a bad idea because they usually contain a  lot of sodium, which dehydrates the body.  Natural herbal teas with low amounts of caffeine, or plain water are the best drink choices to keep your body in shape to make it through the long hours of play.

Because poker tournaments do involve long hours of play, it is important to enter the tournament well rested.  Plan the time before the tournament for rest.  Many people might think that the hours leading up to the game are the time to study, but studying should be done before a good rest.  The brain needs sleep in order to process information, so sleeping after studying will help ensure that your brain understands and retains everything it needs to know during the tournament.

What your brain mostly needs to know is your game plan.  Know how you want to handle the tournament, and stick to it.  Playing with cards in hand can help actualize what is happening on the computer screen, and even the most well-rested brain can use help with that.  Remember to pace yourself.  Don’t fill up with fluids or sugary snacks.  Sugar will cause the brain and body to crash later on.  Taking care of your body is the key to having the stamina to make it through the tournament and win the pot.

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