Guide on How to Play Online Poker

Brick and mortar poker play or traditional poker game dates back to several decades in history but online poker play hit the scene in the 1990s and has, with time, gained tremendous grounds all over the world. When you play online poker you are excused of the intimidation of live casinos or poker rooms and the owners are relived of heavy costs as providing poker games in casinos requires separate poker rooms which remarkably increases the costs. On the contrary, playing poker on the Internet is cheaper as it cuts down on the overhead costs largely. You can even play it free. So, as statistics reveal, online poker rocks, hands, on. This article briefs you about how to play online poker in a simple way. First let us have a look at the poker rooms.

Online Poker Rooms

With the alarming upsurge of popularity of online poker in the recent past, there has been a boost in the number of poker rooms and poker websites. Television and books covering poker games have only helped in accruing the love for the game among young and old. A study on the subject reveals the existence of as many as 200 and above Internet poker rooms, the largest accommodating over 50,000 poker players at a time. The popularity boom is acknowledged by the huge sea of online poker websites and similar sites providing various knowhow on poker games.

The following are the most common poker games availabe from the best internet poker sites online:

Texas Hold’em
Seven-Card Stud
Omaha High
Five-Card Draw
Triple Draw

How to Play Poker

For the simplest way to learn to play online poker, you need to read on the following rules

Select the best internet poker sites around.  Enter a free online cardroom to either play yourself or watch others play; the latter helps a greatdeal, really.

Download the related software and sign up (mostly free, provided you are not playing for real money).

Click one of the active tables and watch on. Study thoroughly how the game proceeds and how thepokerhands are played.

If interested in playing, click an empty seat on a free-play table and get going. Note the strategies,rules and tricks while others make moves.

Once you get the hang of it, move on to money games and see the fun.

The Benefits of Internet Play

Some of the major advantages of online poker as follows:

No tipping in online poker, no less venue costs, no travel expenses; hence less overhead charges.

Game is faster in online poker as you are able to play many more hands due to the advantage of the doing away of shuffling cards.

Online poker hones your brains and skills, gives a thorough knowledge of the game and probably multiplies you bank balance without having to shell out anything on traveling. Notably, most sites allow you to play free.

The lure of bonus offers by most sites is tempting. More number of players means more  revenue. Hence, almost every other site provide bonus offers to draw more and more players.

Once you get acquainted with the game, you can play online poker all by yourself.

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