How do you play online poker?

i do absolutely fine playing poker in person, but when it comes to online poker, i never win. what can i do to change/help this??

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  1. generationofswine1 says:

    There’s a lot of luck in poker, and online you are playing more hands per hour than you do live, so you are going to see ups and downs quicker. If you are a winning player keep at it. take advantage of the bonuses too i hear those are really profitable.

  2. Bill says:

    Most online poker games are done by people using computers.

  3. bonez says:

    go to

  4. Adam S says:

    I play at Absolute Poker and my name is sipes83. In a tourny you have to have patience. You’ll have idiots go all in on an 7 3 offsuit and its going against a QQ and the flop will be something like 7 7 5. So in a tourny survive the all in guys and you’ll have it made. In a regular game you have to play more loose. play your position and protect your blinds. Good luck my friend.

  5. Anita Johnson says:

    Tighten up your game for starters. More people seem to chase when behind online. Play a tighter game and more aggressive when you do play.

    Also, find a poker room with players that aren’t as good if you are having trouble winning. Try a Prima Poker room (their players suck!) or Party Poker (they are so big there is a lot of loose action). You can read about them all at

  6. tris says:

    go to and on their home page they have a poker link to ultim bet. you can learn online poker by watching their poker training video by Annie Duke. world womens champ

  7. juanpagoza says:

    Get a hold of something like this…

    The Players – Online Poker Guide

    Lots of tips and advice about online poker. They even have a couple of secrets that most players don’t know.

  8. Jonny Vee says:

    Buy some good books (I recommend the Harrington books) and read the strategy articles on – if you’re smart, you’ll be beating online poker in no time.

    Many players make a very good living playing online, whereas the losing players like to make excuses like “all the players online are robots” or “online poker is rigged”. Neither of those statements are true.

    If you learn the game, and play with discipline, you can make a lot of money playing online poker.

  9. casinotimes says:

    The problem you’re facing is one that many players come across – including myself. I always did well at land-based poker but rarely made the final table in online poker tournaments.

    I’m going to recommend you pick up a book from Amazon called “Make a Million from Online Poker: The Surefire Way to Profit from the Internet’s Coolest Game” by Nigel Goldman

    You can get it from Amazon here:

  10. DaveR88 says:

    For rules, tips, and online strategy visit Some great deposit bonuses also available.

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