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I love winning the big hand. Especially if I win it through bluffing. Maybe that is why I love poker so much, not just because I am good at it, but because I can make money playing it. The only downside I found in playing poker was that I could only play with friends once or twice a week, and going to casinos has more than its fair share of hassles. That is why I switched to poker site.
I was pleased to discover that online poker has all the ingredients of conventional poker. You can read the game, identify weak players-the fish, and you can still bluff. You do not need features that do not move, but you have to vary your play to confuse your opponents. You still have to make them wonder does he have the cards, or is he bluffing. Poker, what a game.
The disappointing thing about poker sites, is that some really fleece you when it comes to the rake. This is the amount of money the house takes from the pot of each hand. It makes some hands not worth playing at all. Some other sites simply are not worth playing, they have too many players, or too few, or their jackpots simply aren’t worth the time and effort. If I want a game where I can play with my hard earned cash, then I want a game that is worth playing in. As a lot of sites have high rakes, this makes playing the games pointless, at least in terms of prize pots.
As you can imagine, I have had lots of nights where I did not play a single hand because all the games were too full, to empty, or the jackpot was too handicapped by the Poker. The disappointment is huge when this happens, because all you want to do is play the game you love, but you cannot.
There are some sites though, called Sun Poker poker sites, that give the rake back to you when you play. These make the jackpots that little bit more enticing, and give the jackpots a sweeter appeal. This is why I only play rakeback poker, as nearly every hand is worth playing in. Rakeback is for me the only type of online poker, worth playing in.
Also rakeback poker sites, tend to have plenty of players and therefore the games are more competitive.
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