BlueFirePoker Announces New Activities

An announcement was made this week by BlueFirePoker regarding the partnership with a member of the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table, thanks to which they are able to present us a behind the scenes preparation series.

In the 6-8 part series, we will see important hands broken down by different BlueFirePoker coaches who strive to provide the best possible preparation for the BlueFirePoker representative at the final table. This could easily become the greatest MTT training series ever created, claimed the company.

In addition to this, in its statement BlueFirePoker reminded its visitors of the coaching videos made by once relatively unknown players and now massive winners, Adam “CtrlAltDegen11” Reynolds and Asad “glitteringprizes” Goodarzy.

The duo, which has been producing those videos for six months, now have a combined 22 videos between them, bringing limelight on them and generating some serious revenues for BlueFirePoker.

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