First Affiliate Licence in Nevada

Provisional approval for Poker Trip Enterprises

This week the Nevada Gaming Control Board has provisionally approved two affiliate marketing websites belonging to Poker Trip Enterprises Inc. of Las Vegas.

The application will go before the Nevada Gaming Commission to ratify it on September 20, making Poker Trip Enterprises the first company to secure an affiliate licence for the promotion of online poker in the state.

Poker Trip Enterprises, launched in 2011, has extensive marketing experience from contracts with Nevada land poker rooms promoted through its All Vegas Poker and The Poker Atlas websites. The firm will be paid on a fee basis rather than a revenue-sharing business model.

Chief executive Jon Friedberg confirmed that the websites will provide extensive information regarding casino and poker tournaments and entertainment facilities, helping players to find where and when to play. He also said that the company’s experience in driving traffic to land casinos and poker rooms would enable it to provide the same service to licensed Nevada online poker operations.

Mark Liparelli, the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, in his explanation of the position of affiliates under new intrastate licensing regime, said that online poker operators with an operating licence will not need an additional affiliate licence when using their own in-house marketing assets in promoting their poker rooms.

On the other hand, an affiliate licence will be required for the third external party providers, like Poker Trip Enterprises, which drive players to operators for a fee.

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