French Operator In American Online Gambling Market

Changing attitudes toward legalised online poker in the United States has recently encouraged the top French operator Winamax to launch a free-to-play site branded Winamax Poker.

Traditionally offering real money action only in regulated markets, Winimax policy on its new US venture is to ensure it remains within US legal limits. It is one of around thirty companies that has applied for a Nevada online poker licence, and in the meantime is building awareness and a player base until the real-money operations become possible.

The new site, powered by the firm’s proprietary software, will enable players to earn prizes and points to participate in tournaments and ring games. The action will be available on mobile and tablet apps as well as more conventional platforms like desktops, including Facebook app access in the near future.

CEO Canel Frichet said earlier this year that the company has not yet signed any US partnerships, but has set up a corporate structure in Delaware and is considering another office, either in New York or California to support its free-play operations.

She also underlined the company execs activities in establishing communications and exchanging views with US card rooms, Indian tribes, racetracks and casinos.

Noting that the company wanted to launch a US Winamax brand and a B2B network, Frichet said: “To achieve this we want to sign with an established partner who can provide access to licences in several states, California being the flagship state, and who is looking for an operator who has the expertise, know-how and powerful technology and is adaptable to the US market.”

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