FTP Payment Plan Outlined and Revealed by PokerStars

This week, Pokerstars revealed its payment plan for Full Tilt Poker customers following the re-launch of the site on November 6.

Namely, former FTP players from Estonia, France, Spain, Denmark and Belgium are to be paid through the locally-licensed PokerStars platform, by pairing a PokerStars account with their Full Tilt account, thus being able to either withdraw the funds or use their balances on the local Pokerstars site.

The negotiations regarding the payout of Italian punters are still ongoing with the Italian regulator AAMS, with further details expected in near future.

Regarding players in regions such as Ireland and the UK, they will gain access to their accounts at Full Tilt once the site re-launches.

The company assured all players that it has been working with regulators “…in all relevant jurisdictions to ensure that repayment is conducted in strict compliance with local regulatory requirements that ensure the security of player accounts and confirmation of the rightful ownership of those accounts.”

In the meantime, US players are still waiting for their government to finalize its payout scheme, which will be funded from the $547 million paid by Pokerstars as part of its settlement and acquisition deal. Apparently, the US government is still considering applicants from independent third parties that have the expertise to make such substantial payments.

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