FTP To Pay Back Funds to French Players

At a press conference given this week, French gambling authority ARJEL announced that it is to temporarily lift is Rekop Limited licence suspension in order to enable players registered at Full Tilt Poker to access their accounts and recover their outstanding balances.

This will be done through PokerStars& .fr platform in the period between November 6 and 9, 2012.

PokerStars president of southern Europe Gino Appiotti, and president Jean-François Vilotte who attended the conference specified the setup of a PokerStars trust arrangement in London through which the repayment of French players& funds will be secured.

Villote also added that players will be assisted by REAL MALTA LIMITED with an account credit on the French-domained FTP site to obtain repayment of their money from the PokerStars& French site.

Detailing the procedure for obtaining the funds, he said that those registered at FTP&s French site are required to enter their username and password along with other personal information to verify their identity and determine their account balance on the site. After that, the players will be given a code for entry on the PokerStars dedicated French site, where they will automatically be credited with their outstanding balance, which will be immediately withdrawable.

They will also be able to close the PokerStars account they were required to open, without being bound by any further terms and conditions.

REAL MALTA LIMITED is to report in to ARJEL on the reimbursement process, after which the regulator will once again suspend Rekop Limited’s (Full Tilt) licensing.

The next in line for reimbursement are Italian punters, while players in other jurisdictions will gain direct access to their funds when FTP&s .com site relaunches in the first week of November.

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