League Network Announced

On Wednesday, Euroclub Network Ltd. announced the launch of a brand new poker network in partnership with their leading customer GoldBet. The network, branded League Network, will not offer rakeback so to compensate they will have a significant emphasis on entertainment value, balanced player pools across partner sites and higher partner revenues.

The League Network will focus on European and emerging markets while honing in on casual poker players by offering handsome rewards. The rewards structure is not only based stakes and play time but will also randomly award rewards or award when players fold a hand. The goal of this rewards program is to obtain and retain players by offering a unique and fun experience. The rewards consist of Gold Chips, Gold Cards and Loyalty Levels

Founded in 2000, GoldBet is considered one of the most substantial sportsbooks in the European market and will now be associated with the League Network. This new venture carries the GoldBet reputation which is a sure sign of good things to come.

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