Millions of Dollars Changing Hands on the Pokerstars Virtual Tables

Top earners this week on the Pokerstars high stakes virtual tables have been Finnish ace Ilari Sahamies, who profited by over $803 000; Ben Sulsky, who despite losing big to Sahamies still ended the week up $576,000; and the UK young gun Sam Trickett, who added almost $434,000 to the millions he earned recently in the Big One for One Drop.

Sulsky has been the most successful high stakes player on Pokerstars so far this year – he has prospered by $3.31 million. Ben Tollerene is about a million behind on $2.25 million, with Phil Galfond further back on $2.11 million and Jens Kyllonen on $1.92 million.

The biggest bankroll hits this week however were on player ‘fakelove888’ who lost around $563,000; Finnish pro Jens Kyllonen was down $425,000 and Terje Augdal dropped over $392,000.

Some respected names like Ben Tollerene, Phil Galfond and player ‘patpatman’ have also suffered major losses exceeding $200,000 this week.

As for the biggest Pokerstars losers this year the top three include: ‘zypherin’ with $3.2 million so far, ‘patpatman’ following with of $2.72 million, and Viktor Blom down on the year by $2.47 million. Perhaps it is worth mentioning Gus Hansen and Benny Spindler as well who are down by about a million dollars each.

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