Poker TV Series "All In" Gets Famous Producers

An announcement came this week from FoxTV that a deal has been closed to film a pilot episode for the upcoming “All In,” a show produced by Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds& production company DarkFire TV and 20th Century Fox Television based on a script written by Allen Loeb.

The show is designed as a presentation of the life of a fictional character Tommy Vigorish, a compulsive gambler who&s trying to persuade his family to help him to get back in the game.

In related developments, DarkFire has been ordered another project by Fox, an animated show ‘Lowe Rollers,& whose story gives us insight into the life of a family as it “tries to maintain a semblance of civility while struggling to run a sinking Titanic-themed casino in the heart of Sin City.”

Prior to this, DarkFire TV and Fox cooperated on the production of another single-camera comedy titled ‘Guidance&, while Loeb and Reynolds are currently working together on an animated comedy for Fox titled ‘And Then There Was Gordon.&

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