Update: Partouche Marketing Director to Resign, Partouche Poker Tour No More

After numerous media and player discharges against the French gambling group Partouche regarding a row over its guaranteed prize pool in the Partouche Poker Tour, the company announced this will be the last poker tour they organize.

This probably wasn&t the outcome anyone hoped for or expected, but it seems the pressure was too big on the company, as well as its marketing director Jean-Jacques Ichai, who said he will tender his resignation.

He made the resignation announcement after Patrick Partouche himself addressed poker players in Cannes, France, stating that that the company has never advertised or promised a Euro 5 Million guarantee; which was, of course, deemed untrue by diligent players who even offered to prove evidence.

In his statement, Ichai said: “I didn’t have the memory of my TV ITW or that I announced the guarantee of this tournament. My President, Mr. Patrick Partouche took the floor that day without the knowledge of this video. I would like to apologize especially towards him, which has been consistent in his speech, and the team of the Partouche Poker Tour as well as to all the players.”

As for Partouche, he stated: “I have heard, I have seen and I have been told that what Groupe Partouche was doing was not sufficient, almost dishonest. The Partouche Poker Tour bears my name and my family’s name. After 40 years in this business, reading ‘Partouche is a liar, Partouche is a cheater,’ this I cannot accept, neither can my teams.

“That is why I am announcing to you that you are playing the last edition of Partouche Poker Tour. The Partouche will stop Sunday night. We are sailing toward new horizons, we hope that other operators will put as much energy, as much willpower, and as much love to ensure that this game goes on and remains as much loved and adored from all fanatics which I’m a part of, as I believe a lot of people here know fully well.”

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