Update: Poker Pro Becomes Fashionista

A report came this week that poker pro Beth Shak, who earlier this year hit the headlines with the battle with her ex-husband and hedge investment exec Daniel Shak over her around $1 million worth shoe collection, plans to pull back from poker and pursue her other passion – shoes.

It appears her plans involve launching her own upmarket womens& shoe range, which would cost $160 to $190 per pair. It has been reported that she has already designed and produced 25 sample pairs in a dozen styles, each carrying a woman&s name.

She explained her passion saying: “My almost-18-year-old daughter wasn&t happy having a mom that traveled and was gambling. She kept saying, ‘Why don&t you design a shoe line?& and one day I was like, ‘You know, she&s right.& ”

However, she added that she hasn’t entirely given up on poker: “I still want to win a World Series of Poker bracelet,” she said. “I will play, but am I going to travel and play the entire circuit? No. I&m actually loving what I&m doing right now.”

The sale of her shoes will also have a humanitarian purpose – the proceeds from the sale of one design in particular, will be used for a good cause – the Children&s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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