Update: Poker Pros Ex-Girlfriend Plots Robbery

Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, ex-girlfriend of Canadian poker champ Jonathan Duhamel, appeared in court to make her plea regarding the robbery and beating of her ex which took place last December. She donned a linen blouse with a raincoat covering her handcuffs during her 30 minute visit to the courtroom. On Friday, Rojas-Latraverse plead guilty to conspiracy, theft and kidnapping.

“She did this for the right reasons . . . to free her conscience, move onto other things put this behind her as quickly as possible, because she&s still young,” said Rojas-Latraverse&s lawyer, Sarah Desabrais.

Her mother was seated in the courtroom in tears as she looked on.

“I was my daughter&s mother for 21 years and I am going to keep being my mother&s daughter,” she said. “That&s all I have to say.”

Time for Rojas-Latraverse to provide an explanation and/or seek leniency will be set aside for a hearing scheduled for the middle of December.

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