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In this Casino Classic review, we will look take a look at all the ins and outs, and pros and cons of Casino Classic.  We will particularly look at Casino Classic features, games, and minimum specifications.
This great online casino was launched over a decade ago, during which time they have learned a thing or two about keeping their players happy and entertained.  Casino Classic makes use of a combo of industry-leading software, super customer service and mind-blowing bonuses to ensure that their players are always coming back for more.


Casino Classic boasts with various prizes and awards, which they have won in the last decade.  Some of these awards include but is not limited to: Best Casino Service and Best Online Casino. A couple of Casino Classic’s top features include: top software with really high payout percentages, prize-winning client care, and lucrative bonuses.

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Casino Classic bonuses and Promotions

One of the best things about Casino Classic is that, even though they offer such a great service, they are still willing to give you a free no deposit bonus to try it for yourself.  You can take them up on their $500 no deposit bonus by simply downloading their free casino software.

$500 No deposit Bonus at Casino Classic

How to Get Started

To try Casino Classic, you must simply download their free software, open a guest or real money account, and then start experiencing the magic of Casino Classic.

Casino Classic Games

Online Casino players will really enjoy the fact that Casino Classic online casino seems to cater for just about anybody.  Beginner players find their site easy to navigate and the games easy to master, while experienced players appreciate the fact that they are taken seriously and that they have other pros to play against.  This is a good casino to try, with more than 347 games.  This means that you will find something for you, whether you are into cards, table games, novelty games, slots, video poker, or any other type of game.

You do not need the best quality new PC in order to enjoy the Casino Classic experience.  All you need is for your computer to comply with a few minimum specifications and you are ready to start downloading and enjoying the Casino Classic Software.

$500 No deposit Bonus at Casino Classic

Your PC has to be at least a Pentium 1 Processor with at least 16 MB of RAM.  Your operating system must be at least Windows 95 or Windows NT4.0 SP 3.  To enjoy their mind-blowing graphics and state of the art audio you need a 16-bit color graphics card and a Windows 16-bit sound card.  You also need an average to good Internet connection and a Microsoft Compatible mouse.

Thank you for reading our review on Casino Classic.  Remember that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  If this positive review has not convinced you adequately, why don’t you visit Casino Classic website and try a couple of their free games.

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