How to Organize a Poker Tournament

Time was, it was a fairly simple and straightforward task to set up a poker game. I mean think about it: aside from the obvious fresh deck of playing cards, a flat surface to deal the said cards on and the right number of players, you really needed nothing else to have a successful and enjoyable poker game…well maybe a fridge full of cold drinks and a plentiful supply of pizza and chips.

The unprecedented—and frankly speaking—unstoppable rise in the number of poker players around the world in recent years, both online and real life, has necessitated the development of any number of game enhancements and performance improving tools, tips and tricks. In the bookshops and magazine racks all across the country, various published materials that cover ongoing tournaments, dispense valuable poker wisdom and highlight key players adorn the shelves in as large a number as ever. Books that instruct beginning players on the many intricacies and nuances inherent in this long lived and massively popular game are enjoying as popular a run as ever, with new titles cropping up on the same shelves almost on a weekly basis it would seem.

Over on the online front, in that virtual world that we lovingly refer to as cyberspace, it would seem after a cursory browse through that poker is alive and well and indeed flourishing too. It is almost unbelievable how many web sites have cropped up over the years all catering to one aspect of poker or another. Online poker tournaments that offer substantial cash prizes, poker games that are strictly for fun and love of the game that rely on a point reward system instead of monetary rewards, online poker advice, poker specific software tools and aids…the list is virtually endless and it seems that there is no telling what they will think of next.

We do not have to wait long however as the latest innovation in the hot and heavy poker arena rolls out the production line. The Poker Tournament Manager Software is an ideal solution for those who are looking for an effective as well as easy to use tool to manage a poker tournament. This is truly a unique product that can change the way you organize poker tournaments of any size forever. I mean how many tools out there will allow you to assign seats randomly, balance tables as players go out, time blind levels and breaks, and calculate either fixed or percentage-based payouts at the end of the tournament? It also supports buy-ins, rebuys, and chip add-ons for the ultimate in player enjoyment and satisfaction. The inclusion of a helpful Tournament Assistant that can help you setup and run your tournament is a great boon that will prove tremendously helpful for even the most experienced tour organizer.

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