?How To Play Online Poker?


“How to Play Online Poker”

For a couple of years, poker has been very in demand to players of all ages. Some play it for kicks but most of them prefer to have money involved. This game is considered one of the most addictive game of all-time. Because of the demand, online casinos were brought up to business to bring the game closer to the players. And it was not a bad idea because it is such a hit until now.

To new players, gambling online can be confusing. There are tons of online casinos and there are a lot of things you need to consider before engaging yourself in. It can be too much for a first timer so here are steps that could guide you in starting to play poker online.

Security Measures

Make sure that the website you are gambling on has security measures to keep your confidential information private. Remember that you will be giving them your credit card details and the like. Read their secured options to be sure.

Do Some Research

Be on the look out for latest reviews. You will benefit a lot from this process. First, you will know if there are negative reviews about the website. It will give you an upper hand about their reputation. Second, you will be able to know which online casinos offer the highest bonuses. Take advantage of it. But make sure that you agree to their conditions. For most online casinos, you can only cash out after certain number of plays.


Softwares used for poker room can be downloaded for free. This is offered by online casinos together with free registration and sometimes even free bonuses. The method is easy. Just click \”download\” and save the file on the folder where you want it to be placed. When done, you can instantly start playing after you have registered and sign up for an account. You may also opt to play without spending money. You can choose between real-money tables and play-money tables.

Required Information

The information required in online casinos vary from one website to another but only with slight differences. These are needed to ensure that you do not have multiple accounts at the same time especially when playing for real money. If you are only for the play-money, you will only be asked for username, password and valid e-mail address. On the other hand, if you gambling for real money, more specific information is needed. For instance, you need to fill in your name, current address, e-mail address, phone number and mode of payment.

You don\’t need to be confused when starting to play online. You just need to take one step at a time while being cautious. Don\’t worry because it will all pay off when you start having fun playing.



Slot Machine Superstitions”

There are stories foretold that causes some people to prevent certain things or ways in their lives. It is out of occurrences that sums up to supposedly wrong beliefs or notion, disregarding reason and knowledge. Although these are not proven, it is followed by many because as they say, there is no harm in doing precautions.

Just like in our daily lives, there are also superstitions in gambling, specifically in playing slot machine. There are numerous beliefs that are still being practiced like earing the lucky shirt, bringing a rabbit tail or only placing wagers on certain days. Here are some more myths that are waiting to be revealed:

Long Hours of Play in a Certain Machine

There are times that even if you have stayed for several hours on a slot machine, nothing happens. But once you leave it, the next player gets lucky. This is where the belief that a slot machine will hit the jackpot after playing long consecutive hours. This convinced some people that they would have won if they opted to stay a little longer. But in reality, it is just a missed chance. It has nothing to do with the number of times a person plays. It purely relies on the timing of pulling the lever or pushing the button.

Slot Machine that Just Paid Out Would Not Hit a Jackpot Soon

Although a slot machine has just just made a payout, this doesn\’t necessarily mean that it would not purposely hit a jackpot anytime soon. This is in the same sense as the same seat would give you a large payout. This belief came from the logic that machines don\’t allow people to win for a while so that it can make up for the loss it just made. However, slot machines are in fact programmed to hit jackpots based on the ratios over millions of turns. Therefore, people has an equal chance of winning a payout after one has already been paid out as they do before it has been won.

Playing One Coin at a Time Gives Higher Chance of Winning

You will often see in a casino a person with a bucket of coins but you will notice that he is not making the maximum bet. Instead, he plays one coin at a time. That is because of the myth that the quantity of coins gambled during a turn influence the chance of payouts a machine makes. The apparent part here is that they have higher probability that they would hit small payouts because you\’ll get more turns in playing one coin at a time.

These are just samples of the superstitions that some people still do nowadays. You will actually find it funny when you learn more about this.

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