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Online poker is a game of cards played on the internet. People play online poker games vying for a piece of the cake, wanting to win the game at the end. There are some very interesting stories regarding the coinage of the word, ‘poker’; however there is no tangible proof of how the name came into being. The overwhelming response for the poker tournament which is now being played online all over the world has done a helluva good for the game. Today, one is just a click away from an engrossing game of poker.

Rules Of Poker: A game of poker can be played with 2-10 players in the fray. One player becomes the dealer and this position is referred as the button. It rotates clockwise. There are two players to the left of the dealer called the big and small blinds respectively. Each player receives two cards called hole cards. Once all the hole cards have been distributed, the poker tournament begins.

Online Poker Tournament: The introduction of online poker tournaments has raised the popularity of the game manifold. New sites are coming up every day and people are joining the poker tournament bandwagon like never before. It has made the game accessible from anywhere and can be played with someone sitting even at the other end of the world. All that one needs to do is to register with a good site and get set for a roller coaster ride of a poker tournament. The whole game is now enjoying unprecedented popularity with the rampant use of hold card cameras, commentaries by some of the exponents of the game and the like. The most sought after version of a poker tournament is the “sit-and-go tournament”.

There are paid as well as free online poker tournaments, the free version attracting more loyalists. The free online poker game is played until the winner has all the chips. Another advantage of online poker is that one can play the game from the cozy confines of his home. The player can get deeply engrossed in the game and continue till hours on end.  The best way to play an online poker game is to log on to an analogous site vis a vis the skills and needs of a player. The rendezvous with online poker becomes even more intriguing with the players winning very often and raking in the booty. In today’s fast paced world where man is crippled by lack of time, playing an online poker game without actually visiting a casino is a huge turn-on. It has its share of advantages also in comparison to a live game of poker in a casino. While the live version in a casino does its best to keep the participants informed it cannot match the explicit ways of an online poker game where the player is well aware of his standing in the game. In sharp contrast to a casino where there would be only two to three tournaments during the day an online poker tournament continues 24×7. A poker tournament which is played online can be chosen from a wide spectrum of sites available out there looking for the attention of the potential players of poker. Whatever game one chooses it will never be short of fun and excitement. 

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