Positive and Negative Effects of Playing Online Poker

Frequent online gaming was proven by research to have perceived effects. Both positive and negative noted effects have been proven to be visible on online poker gamers who are mainly persistent and regular. It is considered to be important to spread information about these effects since it will bring people, particularly online poker gamers, to awareness. To be aware, is to be in control. After realizing that identical effects could and will happen to them, self-control measures could be applied by these poker players. They can regulate the otherwise inevitable effects of online poker to them and even invest on these effects.

Drive for Competition

Poker is a game that involves heavy competition, compared to other gambling games. Because of the very nature of online poker, something is bound to happen to your drive for competition, either you will be very competitive or you are likely to bow down to competition often.

One is compelled to be competitive if he is bold enough, whatever card he has, to always call and raise, and stay until the Final Showdown. Naturally, this will depend on one’s talent in bluffing and winning confidence. By way of repeatedly playing online poker, you will hone your hunger for competition and in time turn into a very competitive person. Although you can also wind up to be less competitive. If you frequently don’t have confidence in the card combinations you have, you will possibly to fold in each round of poker. If you keep up this style, you will eventually be less competitive.


Surely, your dexterity will sharpen with consistent online poker gaming. In online poker, you are to look at the cards dealt to you in as little amount of time as possible. If you make it longer, your opponents might think that you are hesitant to wager or that you have a bad combination of cards. Your confidence will be measured by the duration before you call, fold or raise, even though your opponent can not see your face. If you take too long, they will surely believe that you are scared. So dexterity will always be furnished by you.

To Rely on Luck

To rely on luck can either be a good or bad thing. A sure fact, though, is that you will rely on luck in one way or another. The cards dealt to you are beyond your control. To hope that the cards you get are workable at the very least, is all you can do. In the end, you may find yourself applying the same principle of luck in other aspects of your life, so much so that you may be relying on luck to help solve certain problems. You must be cautioned that this reliance on luck may twist your life out of control.

The Bluffing Skill

In conclusion, by frequent playing of online poker certain skill will sharpen, which is your skill of bluffing. You will not get the best combination of cards all the time. You must work with what you have, and if you intend to win with a set of average cards, you have to make your opponent think that among the lot you got the best cards by your bluffing skills.

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