Qualifying for live poker tournaments online? Fulltiltpoker.com Questions?

How do ppl qualify for live poker tournaments online? Isn’t online poker for real money now illegal in the states? Can it be done by playing for fake chips? I signed up for fulltiltpoker.com and they have things like freerolls and FTP and satellite tokens. What is that!? Can someone explain this to me! Thx! 🙂

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  1. pokercoach says:

    NO online poker is not “illegal”, and yes you can win seat on several poker site to play live, You use what it’s call a satellite, basically if you can’t afford a $1500 buy-in tournament you still have chance to play by winning a seat, you play a satellite for maybe $20, $50, $100 and for example the last 5 players won they’re seat. And you can do it by freerolls too(it’s crazy, but possible) and FTP are points that you win when you’re playing cash game , so you collect those points and can use it to enter a tournament.
    Hope it’s helpfull, it you need any other poker answers, you can contact me on my site.

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  2. ZCT says:

    Online poker is not illegal. At most sites you can win a freeroll into a real cash tournament, and then use the cash you win from that to enter a satellite to a real live tournament. Therefore it is theoretically possible to win an entry into a live tournament without ever investing a penny. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

    In fact all over the Internet there are dozens of sites offering free buy ins to real tournaments with no initial investment. All quite legal.

    The new gambling law only makes it harder to deposit or withdraw real money into online gambling sites. The law is not actually in full effect until the summer when it will be decided exactly how it will be implemented. With any luck the Democrats will water it down, since it never should have been passed into law in the first place. It was a disgusting and underhanded trick carried out by out of touch Republicans who decided to pass the law for political reasons rather than because it was what the people wanted.

  3. dodgechick_05 says:

    No online poker is NOT illegal. There are many sites that still accept real money players from the United States. You can qualify by playing the free rolls. FTP is a type of points that you get from depositing money and playing. Check out this site for more poker rooms accepting U.S. players. http://COLLEGEPOKERCHAMPS.COM

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