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2 Responses to "Is there any site where a teen can legally play online poker?"

  1. ZCT says:

    You can LEGALLY play poker for play money anywhere you like.

    The laws are in place to protect minors from gambling, playing games for play money is just fine. Although I would still add three years to your DoB when you sign up, because some sites may not want minors there.

    For play money I recommend Poker Stars. Nice customizable interface. But Tilt is fun. And True Poker is very cool with a first person 3D perspective. See link for links.

  2. dunhate235 says:

    No where.

    But why do you even care. Ya gotta chill out man. U’re not going to get arrested man. No worries!

    Pokerstars and FTP (fulltiltpoker) are the two best play money sites.

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