Where I can find good online poker tournaments to play in?


This is my first question here :-). I love to play poker and just recently I started to play poker online. I don’t know much about online tournaments and where can I find some. I hope you can help me. Perhaps you know a good site which contains details about poker tournaments and stuff. I don’t mind paying a little buy-in if I can win big time :-).

I appreciate any helpful advice.

Many thanks,

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  1. Matt B says:

    Hi Don,

    Personally i like Pokerstars, I have played many different sites but Pokerstars probably has the widest range of tournaments available for all different entry fees. They also have tournaments with gauranteed prize funds running every hour i.e gauranteed $45k etc. These tournaments can be very profitable if the number of entrants / buy-ins doesn’t exceed the gauranteed prize pool. They also have freerolls with cash prizes but you tend to get a lot of entrants for these, good if you’ve got a few hours to spare though.

    Also, it may be worth checking out a site called sharkscope. It’s a database that contains details to various tournaments from practically every decent poker site on the net. It also tracks results from previous tournaments so you can get a bit of inside info on your opponents.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I ? TX NLHE says:

    You should start out with minimum buy-in, don’t go too big cause it might discourage you too much and it sux when you lose big. Poker Stars is a good place I like it there, that’s where I play. You can win a tournament like me it’s fun! When you install Poker Stars pick a good picture because they only allow you one change.

    As long as poker is fun and doesn’t involve you “digging your own grave” all is good and well. Good luck at the tables.

  3. Niki S says:

    Betfair has a lot of different poker tournaments. You can find more information for this site in this link.

  4. David T says:

    Hi Don,

    I also love to play poker and I enjoy especially playing online games. I always try to be updated with the most recent and quality tournaments on the net. There is one site which I recommend you to enter. It’s called 777.com. I really love this site because it bring the users news, tips, ratings and reviews of the best poker rooms and a lot of interesting information about the poker and the online poker world. Furthermore, the guys from 777.com arrange every few weeks a poker tournament (freerolls, buy-in tournaments and more). For example, on 9-9-07 there is a big tournament where the winner gets $100 and the buy-in is only 10¢. All the details about this tournament and others are here: 777. I recommend you to check this great site once in a while for updates.

    I hope I was helpful. If you need more information and guidance you are welcomed to contact me directly.


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