How do I set up a private Poker online tournament?

I’d like to host a private online Poker tournament for my company, but I’m curious which sites let you do this without having an insane amount of FFP? Also, is it possible to set up a tournament for play money, or do they only offer cash tournaments?

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  1. P?tsie says:

    Contact me and I can set you up with an invitation only FullTIlt tourney code. You can pick who you want to give the invites to.

  2. zadignose says:

    On PokerStars, if you email support, they can enable you to set up Private Tourneys. I’ve read that a player must have gotten a total of 2000 Frequent Player Points including all of your play on the site (you don’t need a current FPP balance). However, I’m not sure of that.

    The private tourneys there can have a minimum buy-in of $5 + $1. They don’t have play money private tourneys.

    I expect, if you can’t get PStars to immediately set you up, you could post the details of the tourney you want *here* and someone could set up the tourney for you.

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