How to play online poker for free

Some people are reluctant to play poker online because they do not want to risk their real life money, learning how to play the game. Sure you can play in rooms that are free but you are not going to get the same style of play that you would get when you play for money. The only way to duplicate that same style of play is to actually be in the money games. Lucky for you there are ways that you can both play for free, while at the same time learn the style of play that occurs in a pay room.

In the world of online poker there is heavy competition to be the number one site. Really ,the competition is less of trying to be the number one site and more of trying to be noticed among the other sites. Since there is such  heavy competition to be noticed, you can use this towards your advantage. One of the tactics that these online sites are using is to allow new players to create account that is already funded with some money. Some of the online sites will fund your account with $50, others will fund your account up to $150. You will have to shop around to see who offers the best deal. Do not let this be your only decision in choosing a site though. You will want to worry about security and how well recommended the site is. You do not want to give you credit card number and other personal information to just anyone. The name of the game that you play is to be careful.

If you live in the US, before you give your information over, you will want to make sure that the site will accept you. There are a lot of sites that will not accept players form the US. Once you find one that does feel free to open an account and start in the wonderful world of online poker.

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