Nevada Licence Applicant’s Excellent Idea

A service that will save the player of the nuisance of repeated ID submissions, as well as help operators fight fraud and problem gambling.

Nevada licence applicant Player Verify LLC, an online poker service provider based in Tennessee, is nowadays attracting attention with a service which is according to its managing member Mark Dalton quite unique.

The service enables the company stores to verify player ID documents for a small charge and certify the player to operators. By keeping records of self-excluded problem players, it protects both operator and player from relapses, and keeps tabs on known fraudsters.

As a member of leading industry message boards, Dalton has earned the respect of many players with helpful advice and information. His obviously prospective business will certainly depend on the number of big industry companies accepting the concept of an independent and central hub for sensitive information.

No doubt that the possession of a Nevada licence will strengthen the image of Player Verify as a serious and valuable commercial partner.

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