Online Gambling Boss Launches New Project

Dreyfus in poker ranking venture

A report came this week that through his new Malta-based venture, Zokay Entertainment, famous online gambling entrepreneur and ChiliGaming founder, Alex Dreyfus is trying to get into the poker ranking sector.

He bought up the Global Poker Index ranking system from the Pinnacle group, with plans to rebrand it to GPIZokay Entertainment, and boost its presence in the sector.

Dreyfus said this week that “The GPI is the best poker ranking system in the world, and we plan to make it even better,” adding that they plan to include the implementation of a national player rankings system covering 17 different nations, along with an enhanced GPI leader board with better rewards.

Another novelty in the pipeline is a top level awards ceremony for industry and personal accomplishments of people and players in the live tournament industry.

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