Update: Another Change of Heart in Schleswig-Holstein

Online poker licensing possible?

After the latest statement made by a spokesman for the ruling parties in Schleswig-Holstein regarding its policy on internet gambling, it seems like the new coalition government of the lander is just triggering more and more confusion each time it experiences a change of heart.

Namely, as soon as it took over the reins of the German province, it made big statements announcing the repeal of the liberal regulatory legislation. However, now it&s started sweet talking to the seven existing licensees, who threatened with litigation, and we can now hear it underline that the currently licensed online sports betting companies will keep their licenses.

Also, it is now announcing that it will be obliged to issue more licenses to applicants under the existing law, because otherwise, the government could be brought to the courts and face its decision based on the currently valid laws.

CDU party politician Hans-Jörn Arp stated this week that Interior Minister Andreas Breitner “now understands that he can no longer exclude the rightful licensing” of online poker in addition to other types of gambling. This means that a wider range of applicants, not just sports betting companies, could join the licensing race, and there are already reports that 14 companies that have already applied for a license are interested in online casino and poker activity.

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