Reid Seeks Republican Support

Online poker legalization to be pursued with Kyl

It appears that Nevada Democrat Sen. Harry Reid and Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl are close to an agreement on the necessary bi-partisan political support for their online poker legalization initiative.

Trying to explain the situation, Reid stated: ‘Here’s the issue. Sen. Kyl and I’ve worked very hard. What we need to do is get some Republican support. That hasn’t been forthcoming yet.’

And even though Reid did not specify exactly where the deal stands, it was learnt from a Democratic source that he wants fellow Nevada senator, Republican Dean Heller and Kyl to sell the whole online poker legalisation concept to the Republican Party.

However, the only bill that solely relates to internet poker legalization and currently stands before Congress is that of Texas Rep. Joe Barton, which has made little progress despite the support of around 30 bi-partisan co-sponsors.

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