Zynga in Real Money Online Poker Drive?

GTechG2 and Playtech plc may be software providers for real money action

Rumor has it that US social gaming giant Zynga is seriously considering entering real money online poker industry, and that it is currently negotiating with online gambling software providers GTechG2 and Playtech plc for the provision of a platform that would enable it to fulfill its plans.

For some time now Zynga’s Mark Pincus has not denied allegations of his company’s interest in the sector if the US legalizes the pastime. Zynga even sat at negotiating table with Wynn Resorts and other major gambling industry players to discuss such possibility.

If real money online poker gets introduced, industry observers believe that the service will be offered through Zynga’s .com site, as a part of social gaming giant’s attempt to distance itself from total reliance on Facebook.

Still, no confirmation of the rumors has arrived so far from either of the companies concerned, while Zynga itself has declined to comment.

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