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16 Responses to "Are there any free online poker tournaments where I can win money?"

  1. King Ra says:

    Yes lots ,but there are not real deals …just hoaxes for noobies …sorry life is hard …no one gives something for nothing

  2. sarah says:

    partypoker.net is a good one…my bf plays that one all the time

  3. raven_gril_9 says:

    no there is not sorry thank you for asking

  4. etryyz says:

    There are several other free entries into the million dollar poker tournaments.

  5. Scrumptious says:

    I have used the sign up bonus code – ubfreeroll – which gives you $650 free.

    They will actually pay to get you to come to their site…beautiful!

  6. juanpagoza says:

    The first responder at the top of this list mentioned a great site. I just entered the tournament and am playing in it in an hour.

    Wish me luck.

  7. poker bonuses says:

    Yes , theres a site that has 40 free entry tournaments a day , there only for $100 each but its free and no deposit is needed to play – ust the link below

  8. Art says:

    titan poker, pokerstars.net, absolutepoker.net, ect……..

  9. Looney Tunes says:

    There is a free entry into the million dollar poker tournament at … noble poker

    It pays the top 100 players as well as a MILLION dollars to the winner.

    I entered this one and all you have to do is download the free software. The players are mostly newbies to poker so it is easy to steal the pots.

    I think the secret is to play aggressively and gather as many chips as possible. If you can double up in the first 1/2 hour or so you will have a great chance at making it for the long haul.

    Read up on No Limit Texas Holdem and you will see how the best players in the world do it.

    It is freakin unbelievably easy!

  10. lilac says:

    Pokerroom.com has “Freeroll” Tourneys.

  11. scruett says:

    Just ultimatebet and it is the best Good luck to you

  12. charger_daytona05 says:

    i play at partypoker.net

  13. Mae V says:

    Here is a website to check out, that you may find you will enjoy.

  14. Because says:

    ultimate poker has a free tourney, for some good tips to win, Party Poker

  15. Mark H says:

    There are many out there, but a lot of them are with offshore casinos, and are technically illegal in the US. However, there’s one I’ve heard of that has a slightly different business model, and is actually operating in the US. They offer free online tournaments where you can win real cash prizes (and thousands have).

    It’s called BetZip.com. You can go to the homepage, and signup. However, a friend of mine gave me another URL that an old promotion page where you can sign up and start playing for cash without having to give a credit card or anything like that. Totally free. Check it out (but don’t tell too many people about this special address, or they might shut it down).

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