Is it illegal to play poker online in the USA?

I got 5 dollars free from pokerstars and won up to 10 dollars. A friend told me it was illegal to play with real money. Am I breaking the law by playing online poker for money (in America)? Should I stop playing?

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  1. LegFuJohnson says:

    Its fine, relax.

    Enjoy it.

  2. Bhs L says:

    it fine just visit this link and it will tell you everything

  3. SiteMGM says:

    relax and continue playing. there is no law focused on players, but on financial processors (banks) and online gambling providers. That is why not many poker rooms accept players from the US, and with those that do .. it’s fine, don’t worry and continue to win there

  4. Vegas Matt says:

    There are no federal laws forbidding any person to play online gambling. There are laws, however, that prevent anyone from running an online casino or poker site from within the US, and there are laws that make it difficult for banks to do transactions with online gaming companies.

    There are a few states (I really don’t know which ones specifically, sorry) that have state laws against online gambling. If you’re really paranoid about it, you could check into that further.

  5. Sirena P says:

    Of coursse not! Your friend was probably jealous. lol, just kidding

  6. mr.napsalot says:

    ok it is alright to play online. the only thing is you cant pay from a us bank

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