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Learning Things About Live Poker Tournament Online

The very first thing to understand with any live poker tournament online is whether you are aware of the authenticity of the site you through which you are opting for the game. There are a lot other factors to chew over being on an online poker tournament. To start with, let us deal with some features of the game that 

How To Use Poker Tournament Strategy To Win Online Poker

Online poker tournaments differ greatly from live poker tournaments in that an online game uses multiple computer-generated programs to determine the deal of the cards. Whereas, in live play, human shuffling of a deck is much more realistic and true to the real odds of the game. Because of the disadvantage of a computer-generated program determining the deal, it is 

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The Velvet Deck Experience Velvet Deck was founded by three entrepreneurs who were frustrated with the unrealistic game play at multi-player online games sites. At most of these sites, players don’t play competitively because there’s no incentive to win and there’s nothing at stake. At sites where there is an incentive to win, such as gambling sites, players can lose 

Poker Tournament Strategy: Assessing Prize Structure Correctly

There are many times in an online poker tournament that your opponent makes questionable plays with sub-par hands that leave you asking yourself things like: “What on Earth was he thinking?” Of course in the online poker world that is a very charitable way to rephrase it, but I hope you get the meaning. It’s usually even more astounding when 

Poker Tournament Strategy Makeover

With so many television shows these days focusing on some kind of makeover – be it clothing, housing, career or whatever else, it may be time to take the same lesson and apply a makeover to your online poker tournament strategy. Why would you want to do this? Well you may be one of the following predicaments that demands analysis 

Winning Online Poker Tourneys Is Not Like A Normal Poker Tournament

If you take all of the offline poker tournaments that happen in a year and add them together, some people have estimated that they would not equal the number of online poker tourneys that are played on Poker Stars, a single online website. While online tournaments can be very fun, they also have a very different flow than their offline 

Poker Tournament Online

Playing in a poker tournament online can be a great way to have fun, meet other poker enthusiasts, make money, and even a great way to win a seat to play in a larger international poker tournament event like the WPT or the WSOP. There are many different types of poker tournaments available online that poker players can enter. Players 

Handling Decisive Moments in a Poker Tournament

Poker tournaments require constant adjustments in strategy. Unlike cash games (and re-buys), when you lose your chips in a poker tournament, you’re done. Here are some tips to help you handle decisive moments in online poker tournaments. Never Be Afraid to Fold   If you think someone has you beat, why pay to find out? In a tournament, you can 

How to Organize a Poker Tournament

Time was, it was a fairly simple and straightforward task to set up a poker game. I mean think about it: aside from the obvious fresh deck of playing cards, a flat surface to deal the said cards on and the right number of players, you really needed nothing else to have a successful and enjoyable poker game…well maybe a 

What To Do After An Online Poker Room Tournament

Whether you come out on top or fall prey to a shark, there are a few things every online poker tournament player should do immediately following a tournament.  Once you take a few minutes to stretch your legs, sit back down and take notes on the tournament. Review Your Game How did you play this tournament?  Did you stick to